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i sawr you. [11 Feb 2012|05:50am]
hi jerks. its just me, just trying to get sleepy. drinking a gatorade and sitting here. not really thinking any deep thoughts. or reading or anything challenging. or talking to anyone or whatever, i probably shouldn't even be writing this, theres no chance of anything of substance appearing here. or any kind of a noteworthy thing. its the middle of february but it's not cold and there is no storm work for me to do. so im sitting around all day, poised to grab my suitcase full of dirty shirts and hit it.
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sorry tennessee [31 Jan 2012|10:29pm]
i'm back, updating in all 49 states! anyhow i know its been a long time since i rapped at ya, but i just been busy. back doin line work, chasin storms. but there hasnt been enough shitty weather this winter.so cross your fingers for me. ice and wind, thats what i need. i need your electricity to suddenly cut out, and not come back on 20 minutes later either. i need a tree to fall over at the top of your street and knock everybody out. so say a prayer.
other than that my life has just been one long celebration. no problems, no arguments, going to church every sunday, helping out the homeless (when i can). ok.
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drivin to eat a carvel cake [12 Dec 2010|11:47am]
so...time to crank up the lowercase letters and giant paragraphs.ive been working too much, eating way too much and staring off into space a ton.just a ton.played some xbox, watched tv, read a little bit.work takes the fresh lively contents of my brain and reduces them to generic dispatches from any old person.i was gonna write a book but im so tired and stuff.so i sit there and try to have an idea.im trying to think but nothing happens.to paraphrase curly.at least its winter, that makes me feel better.cold weather usually brings out the best in me.its so harsh and clean.you have to kind of jump around in it.it wakes me up.and everyone else hates it which is good fun for me because they all love the terrible heat.which is known to make you sweat and feel greasy.
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you can't start it like a car, you can't stop it with a gun [25 Feb 2010|06:34pm]
oy.it's rainy.i have no money, eat only eggs and bread with onions that i cook.i just keep eating them everyday, like im caught in a time loop.make coffee, cook eggs, eat.it's not so bad, but i'm down to my last egg.what else?reading ted kennedy's autobiography.the kennedy's had interesting lives.i like them.
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ask the park ranger where you should park [18 Jan 2010|08:00am]
monday monday monday.
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now keep doin yo hip like diiiis [14 Jan 2010|07:57am]
a purified
immortallied soul
the body intact in fact seven times the size
givin off gold rays of power
too bright for me to even look
i try to ask:
how can i?
im not scared of beauty
this is love
i had to run
in foggy streets of boston
atlantic avenue now opened wide
i wont turn around
to see what's there
the heat in my mind
the electric jolt adrenaline
madness makin me run
even makes me forget why
only this dread turned frantic
certainty of being captured, this is the only companion
tho all there is to do if only id have knew
is turn and look, and let it be.
every trip is a different one
so im telling you mine
to keep me awake i guess, to be helpful maybe too.
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dispatches from a lonely submarine [14 Jan 2010|12:25am]
cows in a green hilly pasture
discriminate?hate the poor cow?
turn their tail
slowly chew their cud
head high.

farmer watches boy
in his st. paul manner
shuns a bum
he doesn't really know
never eats a different food
never reads a different book

baby held in soft loving arms
grabs a hold
turning head
seven angels describe to seven souls
the reason

whoever laughs alone
at something they forgot
and remember
there, alone
should eat big delicious dinners
and be loved

police kill time i guess
can't say too much
they love you when you're standing there
but treat you like some spy when you're just driving by
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im out here fidolo [11 Jan 2010|07:15am]
someday ill have a dog. ill call him fidolo, a word i cant wrap my mind around. it's a great word but who made it up?im not really sure but i think it was black people from new york city.they contribute alot huh?
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just another tricky day [05 Jan 2010|08:01am]
last toot of afrin, about to embark on a terrible frodoesque journey. Seriously, afrin is bad. like cigarettes. i know i usually come on and ballbag about stuff but this is not a joke.i can't breathe out my nose and my head feels like its going to pop off my shoulders.when you first try it, alone in your apartment, or perhaps driving in your car on some polleny april day, you feel a magical surge of air disappearing up your nose like dirt up a vacuum cleaner. it's the kind of moment you rarely get in life, pure satisfaction. you feel like the 9 dollars you just spent was certainly a fair deal, if not a major coup. so you keep your head down and toot away, praising the scientists who invented such a wonderful product. maybe you've been dealing with a stuffy nose all your life. nothing was ever as strong as your sinuses, no medicine could defeat them. but afrin can. afrin cleans you out. only, the only thing is, is that after three days (it's always three days with things) you can't breathe without it. your membranes or whatever get inflamed inside yr nose and no air can get through. of course, if you still have your spray bottle then a couple toots get you straightened out. first it's every twelve hours but eventually its every three hours. every morning you wake up completely clogged, the inside of your mouth coated in pure grossness. 100% pure. it takes more than usual to clear it out. then you're off living your life with a big bottle in your pocket. god forbid you forget it, or go on storm to texas and have to go without. you would rob a convenience store, knock over an old lady, steal from your mother's purse, anything to get a new bottle. i know this sounds crazy. i dont care. i just hope it doesn't take longer than a week of this suffering to get back to normal. and that i don't break down and buy more. ill try to keep all of you posted (ha ha) if i can, unless i have to retreat to my bunker for the duration.
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frustrated incorporated [04 Jan 2010|05:00am]
sometimes a window is the way out
you cant always impress the world
you live in
i would walk around in a way
if people didn't laugh
so im not your best man
i could easily say hello
to everyone i see
i could change a tire
i could leave it alone
everybody's got something not everything
its figured out by the blood
you get
and the way youre taught.
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atheists are just rebellious [29 Dec 2009|06:53am]
abraham was really devout, but i don't think he would win any father of the year awards.i think i have a disease in my groin or something.
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i aint have to read the art of war to slay men [19 Dec 2009|04:25pm]
snow tonight, can't wait because i love the way snow looks, a big fuzzy blanket that hides the same old shit we're all numb to.people seem taller out there to me, and i like seeing folks walking in the street, it takes away the normal order, it brings us closer in a small way, snow and winter help make new englanders a great people.
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open road by pj.youtube it [22 Nov 2009|09:45am]
smoked my television
took it all away
this bus, its making way too many stops
I can't get a-movin'
where's my destination?
I take a deep swallow in my frustration
I'm takin all i got
it fits in this little bag
all my life I had empty pockets
all my life I saw evil eyes in old dark sockets
I cut'em off, I cut'em off...
I said that I don't need them to make life work
I cut'em off, i cut'em off...
I'll never think twice
if to them I never ever talk...
so here I go
I'm finally on my way, yeah
once I said goodbye
that was my last wave, whoa
here I am, on the...
on the open road
I've never felt better, then when I am alone
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same number same hood it's all good [14 Nov 2009|04:04am]
woke up at 2 am.so tired all the time, i wish i had a better understanding of how my body works.i wasnt tired like this in the summer even though it's harder for me to be active in the heat.oh well, its just a bag for my soul right?or brain or what have you.obviously i don't fully understand consciousness either, dont know what to properly call it.
the other guys at work are always talking about wrenches and steel saddles and tools i've never even heard of. then they take out grease guns and squirt the shit into creases and joints on their machines.and they all know what's going on.but i just stand there like a drug addict, hoping the subject changes.and i've been around construction for a little bit now.maybe im just not good at tools and machines, because theyre beyond basic.they have parts i cannot see.they are mystery items, they contain mystery like a song, i cant understand either.but i guess since i like songs i could potentially understand them.i do not really like machines, most machines, work machines, they are only mysterious in a definitive type of way, not an interesting one.i savor the chance to get hold of a shovel (understand perfectly) and utilize it to push dirt or pick it up and throw it.this is my chance to make up for getting a socket instead of the ratchet, like a moron.i dig that dirt like lisa's buried under it.that way the other guys see a little value in having me there as they laugh at the other stuff.
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holy sweet god damn you left your cello in the basement [03 Nov 2009|09:47pm]
In speaking of our desire for our own far-off country, which we find in ourselves even now, I feel a certain shyness. I am almost committing an indecency. I am trying to rip open the inconsolable secret in each one of you-the secret which hurts so much that you take your revenge on it by calling it names like Nostalgia and Romanticism and Adolescence;which pierces with such sweetness that when, in very intimate conversation, the mention of it becomes imminent, we grow awkward and affect to laugh at ourselves; the secret we cannot hide and cannot tell, though we desire to do both. C.S. Lewis
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your sister's ass [10 Oct 2009|06:04am]
was c columbus italian for real, if he was then was his last name columbo?fuck man
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ran an whorehouse, with wyclef [12 Sep 2009|03:59am]
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the old boss (same as) [09 Sep 2009|09:50pm]
barack lost me tonight, that's for sure.i gotta say, i appreciate him telling me ill be able to buy insurance affordably.that's very much the right thing to do, he lived up to his moral obligation there, as ted put it to him.we start with all the leverage and then i suppose we decide we dont want it, so we just give it all away.what a joke of a party.
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that was the 05/05/05 party, it happens like every billion years [09 Sep 2009|04:49pm]
my heads hurts, neck n stuff.tumor, like a golf ball tumor in there, im trying to ignore the pain.guess i dont have much to say, woke up exhausted today, stomach actin like a lil bitch.
got stuck in traffic on 95 and 93, driving around in the old mack truck, god it's so old and grumpy i want it dead.i think so, i think i want it dead.sometimes its not so bad, when im cruising along on the highway listening to one of the 2 or 3 stations that come in on the radio.let's just say im clear on felger's feelings towards brett favre and also cheap team owners.all the city driving, somerville, cambridge, pretty terrible.makes you remember how fucking silly other people are.still i wish them all the best, just sometimes they get right in my way.okay, im gonna go.
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but together they 10's [27 Aug 2009|08:12pm]
here i am.werkin, sleepin, lifting tiny girl-weights in my room, listening my balls off, red sox on mute, tegan and sara, shirtless, penniless peasant, smoking, trying to eat but penniless recall, coke cans, air conditioner running smoothly, it finally seems to have gotten over its problems, maybe im next.
if i could have a superpower id be able to turn invisible whenever i wanted.that way id be able to do whatever i want, no notoriety, and then once i was all set maybe id go get some bad guys, like figure out where they live and sabotage them.and no one would know it was me except my dad and lisa, probably a couple of my goony friends too
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