rob (jude8098) wrote,

open road by it

smoked my television
took it all away
this bus, its making way too many stops
I can't get a-movin'
where's my destination?
I take a deep swallow in my frustration
I'm takin all i got
it fits in this little bag
all my life I had empty pockets
all my life I saw evil eyes in old dark sockets
I cut'em off, I cut'em off...
I said that I don't need them to make life work
I cut'em off, i cut'em off...
I'll never think twice
if to them I never ever talk...
so here I go
I'm finally on my way, yeah
once I said goodbye
that was my last wave, whoa
here I am, on the...
on the open road
I've never felt better, then when I am alone
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