rob (jude8098) wrote,

same number same hood it's all good

woke up at 2 tired all the time, i wish i had a better understanding of how my body works.i wasnt tired like this in the summer even though it's harder for me to be active in the heat.oh well, its just a bag for my soul right?or brain or what have you.obviously i don't fully understand consciousness either, dont know what to properly call it.
the other guys at work are always talking about wrenches and steel saddles and tools i've never even heard of. then they take out grease guns and squirt the shit into creases and joints on their machines.and they all know what's going on.but i just stand there like a drug addict, hoping the subject changes.and i've been around construction for a little bit now.maybe im just not good at tools and machines, because theyre beyond basic.they have parts i cannot see.they are mystery items, they contain mystery like a song, i cant understand either.but i guess since i like songs i could potentially understand them.i do not really like machines, most machines, work machines, they are only mysterious in a definitive type of way, not an interesting one.i savor the chance to get hold of a shovel (understand perfectly) and utilize it to push dirt or pick it up and throw it.this is my chance to make up for getting a socket instead of the ratchet, like a moron.i dig that dirt like lisa's buried under it.that way the other guys see a little value in having me there as they laugh at the other stuff.
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