rob (jude8098) wrote,

now keep doin yo hip like diiiis

a purified
immortallied soul
the body intact in fact seven times the size
givin off gold rays of power
too bright for me to even look
i try to ask:
how can i?
im not scared of beauty
this is love
i had to run
in foggy streets of boston
atlantic avenue now opened wide
i wont turn around
to see what's there
the heat in my mind
the electric jolt adrenaline
madness makin me run
even makes me forget why
only this dread turned frantic
certainty of being captured, this is the only companion
tho all there is to do if only id have knew
is turn and look, and let it be.
every trip is a different one
so im telling you mine
to keep me awake i guess, to be helpful maybe too.
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